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Sleep Better & Stop Snoring in Dunwoody, GA

No energy? If you’re always tired, find help. Sleep loss can shorten your life. “I’m just not a morning person.” How many of us have heard that phrase from friends or family or said it ourselves?

Ok, let’s face it: few of us are blessed with the ability to pop right out of bed in the morning and immediately feel the bright-eyed energy necessary to face the day head on. But if waking up and climbing out of bed has become a daily, monumental morning battle, it may go beyond the fact that you’re a “night owl.” A sleep disorder like sleep apnea can disrupt your health, your life, and your relationships.

Meet Dan

Dan is 39, and  he has a wife and three young daughters. He loves coming home to be greeted by hugs and squeals of excitement, but after battling a hazy head and lethargic body while attempting to get through the workday, Dan just doesn’t have the energy to keep up with his kids.

Instead of playing tag, taking the dog for a walk, or going out to dinner in the evening, all he’s really up for is a nap on the couch. Snoring always makes a return appearance during these times. Dan’s aware of his loud snoring because it’ll sometimes wake him up during the night. His wife tells him she hears him stop breathing before she nudges him or he rouses on his own.