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Sleep Apnea– Dunwoody, GA

Quality Treatment to Achieve Better Rest

Do you suspect that you may be suffering from sleep apnea? The very first step in this process, of course, is to obtain a concrete diagnosis, and that’s where Dr. Rodgers and his team come in. We’ll ask you to complete a brief, easy sleep questionnaire, found here on our website. After receiving and assessing your results, Dr. Rodgers will determine whether or not a further sleep study is needed.

If you suffer from OSA, oral appliance therapy could provide the reinvigorating results you need. In cases of severe OSA or CSA, traditional CPAP therapy or combination therapy might be the more effective option. Our Dunwoody, GA team will work with you to figure out the ideal solution for you.

Why Choose Sleep Better Georgia for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Completely Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Sleep Expert with Decades of Experience
  • Welcomes Medical Insurance & Flexible Financing

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a health condition that causes short, constant pauses in a patient’s breathing while they rest. Although they typically don’t last more than a handful of seconds, these interruptions can occur up to hundreds of times each night, resulting in fractured, ineffective sleep. In some cases, sleep apnea occurs when a patient’s brain simply fails to send the proper signal for inhalation and exhalation – this is known as central sleep apnea (CSA). More commonly, patients will experience these pauses because their airway becomes partially or fully blocked – this is known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Some patients may experience both to varying degrees, even.

Sleep apnea symptoms can be so complex and so varied that countless people (up to 80% of all cases, even) are not diagnosed correctly for far too long. Common symptoms that should indicate a cause for concern include:

  • Loud, chronic snoring
  • Problems with memory and/or concentration
  • Constant morning headaches
  • Sore throat in the morning
  • Dry mouth in the morning
  • Behavioral changes and/or constant mood swings
  • Extreme daytime exhaustion
  • Choking, gasping, and periods of complete silence during sleep

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

a sleep apnea sign next to a stethoscope

Many people assume that snoring is a harmless habit, and in some cases, it is. However, it can also be the first clear indication that a patient is suffering from sleep apnea. Vocalizations like talking, laughing, and snoring all occur because of air vibrating against oral structures like the tongue, throat, and mouth. While an obstructed airway may not prevent breathing altogether, it may make it more difficult, and the problem only gets worse over time. 

If you often experience loud snoring during sleep, please discuss the possibility of oral appliance therapy with Dr. Rodgers. Our Dunwoody team can often use this technique as a preventive measure that helps to prevent sleep apnea later in life and reduce the risks of related health problems, including strokes, high blood pressure, and mental/behavioral issues.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

a man covering her face due to sleep deprivation

CPAP treatment has been considered the go-to solution for sleep apnea for many years now, and when treating patients who suffer from severe symptoms, it can still be the most effective option. However, it isn’t right for many patients. The system relies on the use of a bulky face mask that forces air into the throat and lungs through the mouth and/or nose. There’s often significant noise involved, and the associated sensations can be a handful.

If you suffer from heavy snoring, mild to moderate sleep apnea, or are simply intolerant to CPAP use, please turn to our practice today for assistance. Dr. Rodgers can create a customized oral appliance that comfortably adjusts the position of your jaw, allowing the airway to stay clear and unhindered. There are no bulky machines or loud noises to worry about – the device is simple, removable, and easy to store and travel with.
Our team also offers combined therapy that utilizes both an oral appliance and a smaller CPAP device to help you achieve better rest. The machine is much quieter and less bulky, providing a much more comfortable and convenient solution for addressing sleep apnea. Speak with our team to learn more about your treatment options.

Will My Insurance Cover This?

a couple discussing medical insurance for sleep apnea treatment

Many medical insurance plans (including Medicare) provide coverage for sleep apnea treatment with oral appliance therapy. Our team will be happy to work with you through this process, processing and filing claims as needed. Visit our new patients page to learn more, or contact our Dunwoody, GA location to schedule your first consultation!

In the News

If you struggle with sleep apnea, you may have heard about the Phillips recall on CPAP machines recently. In fact, Dr. Rodgers was featured in an article from Sleepopolis about the recall and the potential threat to patients’ overall health. He shared his expertise in saying that patients who rely on CPAP therapy may have a higher risk of high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks as a result of the recall. However, oral appliance therapy provides a viable alternative for those who no longer have access to a functioning CPAP machine. Dr. Rodgers would be happy to discuss the article and this option with you in greater detail, so give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

Understanding the Cost of Sleep Apnea

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Because everyone’s situation is unique, so is the cost of their sleep apnea treatment. We can go into more detail about the estimated costs when you see us in person. We will discuss specific numbers and your different payment options. Until then, here are some things to take into consideration.

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Dental insurance does not cover sleep apnea treatment. Sleep apnea diagnoses and treatments are generally dealt with through medical insurance. To learn more about your coverage, it is best to reach out to your provider directly. One of our team members would also be happy to help you with this process. You could end up significantly reducing your out-of-pocket expenses!

Factors That Affect the Cost of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Man falling asleep at work

There are multiple different factors that contribute to the overall cost of your treatment. Here are the two most influential ones.

  • Type of Treatment: Different types of treatment mean different costs. At Sleep Better Georgia: Dental Sleep Medicine, we offer oral appliance therapy to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. The investment for oral appliances is relatively affordable in comparison to CPAP machines and other options.
  • Insurance Coverage: Depending on your medical insurance plan, more or less of your treatment may be covered. With proper preauthorization, medical insurance plans will typically say how much they plan to cover before you receive your device.

Treat Your Sleep Apnea Now to Improve Your Health

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Many patients wonder if it is worth it to go through the process of being diagnosed and treating sleep apnea. Whether or not you have insurance that will cover your care, you can be confident that treating your sleep apnea will benefit your health, therefore reducing long-term expenses.

Sleep apnea increases your risk of numerous health problems, including life-threatening ones, like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, weight gain, and more. These issues will eventually result in more costly medical bills. By addressing your sleep apnea now, you can avoid some large bills later on. You can also experience a better quality of life!

Making Sleep Apnea Treatment More Affordable

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In addition to filing claims for medical insurance, our practice can file paperwork on your behalf through Medicare. Oftentimes, coverage for sleep apnea therapy is available through Medicare if you qualify. For those without insurance, we are happy to accept payments through CareCredit – a third-party financing company that can split the cost of your treatment into manageable monthly installments with little to no interest. To learn more about your financial options, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members. We are eager to help you achieve the quality of sleep you deserve!