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Patient Story: What Happened When Paul Finally Said “Enough” to Snoring

August 28, 2018

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Paul’s snoring led him to seek treatment. When diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, he was given a CPAP, but found that it made him claustrophobic. Hoping for an answer, Paul then turned to Dr. Rodgers and Sleep Better Georgia for a sleep appliance. The first night he received his appliance, his wife said she thought he was dead, he was sleeping so well!

For CPAP-intolerant patients, oral appliances are a clinically proven, effective alternative treatment option. They look similar to a retainer or mouth guard, and support the jaw forward to open the airway and help those with sleep apnea breathe easier. And, unlike CPAP machines, which many patients find bulky, uncomfortable and inconvenient, oral appliances are non-invasive, quiet, portable and easy to maintain.

Paul now relies on his appliance to give him the sleep he needs, and without it, he experiences a notable increase in snoring. With the appliance, he has more energy and finds that his overall quality of life has improved.

If you, like Paul, find CPAP uncomfortable and claustrophobic and are looking for an alternative, or you simply need a solution to snoring and fatigue, contact Sleep Better Georgia to set up a free consultation.


Paul: I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about two years ago. I would snore — that would be one indication. I would wake up a lot, several times in the middle of the night, and when I went to see a doctor, this is what I found out. I didn’t know what it was. Dr. Rodgers sent me there to have a sleep study. So, then I got the appliance — I wasn’t compatible with the CPAP.

Bette: When Paul got his sleep appliance, the first night he got it, I thought he was dead, because he slept so quietly that I kept hitting him all night. Then, a couple of weeks later we went out of town, and he forgot his sleep appliance. And he would have been dead because I was gonna kill him — I didn’t sleep all night because of the snoring. So, it makes a difference. It really makes a difference.

Paul was in the hospital and they wanted to put a CPAP on him, and of course he’s claustrophobic. He said ‘No, I have a sleep appliance.’ And when the doctor saw it, he was very interested in Paul’s sleep appliance. He asked where he received it, and I said that it was Dr. Jeff Rodgers and that I work for Jeff Rodgers. And, he was so impressed with the results and so impressed with Dr. Rodgers that he is now recommending Dr. Rodgers to his patients.

Paul: Now that I’m getting more sleep with the appliance, I think I feel more energetic, and, probably, that improves the quality of my life.

Are you, like Paul, a snorer and sleep apnea sufferer who can’t stand CPAP? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and be on your way to better sleep.

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