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Patient Story: Lynn’s Struggle to Find the Right Sleep Apnea Treatment

March 1, 2021

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Lynn consistently felt tired and unable to be present, both at work and in her personal life. As a seventh and eighth grade science teacher, having enough energy to get through the day with her class was becoming more and more difficult — but it was her snoring, which was affecting her husband’s rest at night, that ultimately led her to seek answers.

After discovering that she had moderate sleep apnea, she was initially prescribed a CPAP machine for treatment — a treatment option that did not work for her at all. Finding the machine uncomfortable and inconvenient, Lynn is a part of the 50% of sleep apnea patients that are unwilling or unable to tolerate CPAP, according to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Adherence to treatment is incredibly important when it comes to sleep apnea. If a patient doesn’t stick with treatment, they will never truly experience the vitality and energy that comes with a good night’s sleep. An alternative to CPAP, oral appliances are a comfortable, quiet, non-invasive, easy to maintain, and portable treatment option, giving CPAP-intolerant patients and those with mild and moderate sleep apnea another way to achieve the quality rest they deserve.

If you, like Lynn, are seeking an alternative to CPAP to treat your sleep apnea, or are simply looking for a solution to persistent fatigue and snoring, contact Sleep Better Georgia to set up a free consultation and begin the journey towards a restful night’s sleep.



Lynn: I have been coming to this practice for about three and a half years. I was having real issues with snoring, so much so that it was keeping my husband awake. My physician sent me to a sleep doctor and did a sleep study, and found out that I had moderate sleep apnea, which was waking me up about 15 times an hour. It was definitely disrupting my sleep and making me really tired during the day.

I tried a CPAP machine, which was horrendous. I couldn’t sleep; I wanted to rip it off my face. I like the outdoors and backpacking and didn’t know how I was going to plug the machine into a tree. It just didn’t work well for me.

Because I had moderate sleep apnea, my physician said I was welcome to try a sleep appliance, and he sent me to Dr. Rodgers.

My experience with Dr. Rodgers has been phenomenal. It’s just been life changing for me. Not only does it make it easier when I’m sleeping with my husband and I’m not snoring anymore — I am so much more rested during the day. I’m not falling asleep at random times; I can stay awake in the evening. It just has made a huge difference in my life.

I’m also a seventh and eighth grade science teacher, and as we all know, with kids that age, we need to have a lot of energy and be rested to be present with them and be a really great teacher for them — and also to be able to mentally focus, which is harder when you’re tired. So, for me, this has made a big difference in being able to be rested and present and a great teacher — and then when I’m off, being able to focus on the other things I love.

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