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How Allergies Can Exacerbate Snoring & Sleep Apnea

March 15, 2021

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woman sneezing into a tissue

It’s that time of year again. Rain showers bring bright, blooming flowers, and flowers bring the dreaded sneeze attack. And coughing. And red eyes. And, well, the list goes on. For many, this is the reality of springtime: a long list of complications caused by a large number of allergens.


Patient Story: Lynn’s Struggle to Find the Right Sleep Apnea Treatment

March 1, 2021

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Lynn consistently felt tired and unable to be present, both at work and in her personal life. As a seventh and eighth grade science teacher, having enough energy to get through the day with her class was becoming more and more difficult — but it was her snoring, which was affecting her husband’s rest at night, that ultimately led her to seek answers.


The Damaging Effects of Snoring on Relationships

February 26, 2021

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woman in bed next to snoring man

With 40-50% of marriages in America ending in divorce, it’s no wonder that the psychology of marital relationships piques interest. According to one study, with additional data from the INSIDER data team, there are 11 main reasons for divorce, with the first being lack of commitment, the second being infidelity, and the third being excessive conflict and arguing.


Why Sleep Quality Is Important for Improving Mental Health

February 16, 2021

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depressed woman looking out a rainy window

Sleep and mental health are undoubtedly connected, with a reciprocal relationship — poor sleep tends to worsen mental health ailments, and mental health ailments can cause poor sleep.

Sleep is necessary for optimal mental functioning. Generally, when we think of sleep advice, most of us may admonish ourselves for simply not getting enough of it — seven to eight hours’ worth every night. But, when it comes to mental health, sleep quality may be more important than sleep quantity. 


Why to Avoid Working from Your Bed

January 28, 2021

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person working on a laptop in bed

It’s finally 2021. For much of the world, this year will mark the tail end of an unpredictable global pandemic. It will also mark the end of a year in which the United States experienced its largest and most drastic spike in unemployment; individuals who remained employed were affected by changing routines and being forced to work from home, some in a space they hadn’t set up as an office. 

According to a study by Tuck Sleep, a sleep product review company, nearly one in ten surveyed Americans reported that they had been doing most or all of their work from bed (24 to 40+ hours) since the pandemic began. While this is understandable given the unexpected disintegration of the traditional workplace, there are potentially serious negative consequences to sleep hygiene and overall sleep quality to consider.


Generalized Epilepsy Linked to Sleep Apnea

January 19, 2021

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doctor marking a brain scan

According to a recent study, individuals with generalized epilepsy have a higher risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in comparison to individuals who experience focal epilepsy. With new awareness brought to this link, doctors, patients, and parents can potentially get the care they need much sooner and prevent a host of additional health issues. 

Learn more about the link between generalized epilepsy and sleep apnea below. 


Prioritizing Fitness and Sleep in the New Year

December 21, 2020

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2020 was not an easy year for anyone. For many, finding coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of a global pandemic became essential; and from the increase in sales that companies such as Peloton (at-home biking) and Hydrow (at-home rowing) experienced, it’s safe to say that focusing on fitness became one of those key mechanisms – more specifically, at-home fitness.


Parents Are More Stressed than Non-Parents During the Holidays. Here’s How to Fix It

December 17, 2020

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Ahhh, being a parent: possibly the source of the greatest joy and greatest stress out there! While it may be stating the obvious, new parents’ sleep health tends to suffer once they welcome their greatest gift(s) into the world (although there are ways to improve it) —  but there is another time in every parents’ life that results in a severe decline in their sleep: the holiday season.


The Link Between Sleep & PTSD

December 10, 2020

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Psychological trauma is complex, and there is a lot that researchers and health professionals are still learning. Trauma may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event or events such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, abuse, or injury. These scary, unsettling memories, and the emotions tied to them, can be long-lasting, and even develop into a disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


The Best & Worst Thanksgiving Foods for Sleep

November 23, 2020

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table filled with Thanksgiving foods

We all know the feeling. You’ve just indulged in a world-class Thanksgiving meal and now feel the heaviness of your eyes and your brain going foggy. You fall asleep, only to wake up hours later questioning what day it is. While many people have simply accepted this as a Thanksgiving ritual, there is actually a much more scientific reason for this phenomenon: your food. Sounds simple, right? But what you may not know is that certain foods that induce a midday nap might come back to haunt you when you crawl into bed later that evening.

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